They say money can’t buy happiness, but if it could….

The Sun Newspaper wanted to know how much people would be willing to spend to secure various forms of happiness. Now these things could be having a happy marriage, be better looking, more confident and so on. The idea was that money was no object, and there was a whole list of different priceless things. Here are the top five answers from the poll:

A Completely New Life

Blowing the competition away was the ability to pay for a whole new life. This came in at #1 with $11.55 million. Now not to nitpick, but you really need to look at what you’re getting for that kind of money. It just said a completely new life…that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a better one. Something to think about.

Good Health For You And Your Family

Not sure if the $11.55 million above includes this or not, but people would be willing to spend around $4 million for this. How many of you feel like you’ve paid that already in premiums and deductibles?

To Be Worry And Stress Free

Not quite $4 million, but a respectable $374K. It would be nice for stress and worry to be gone that’s for sure.

To Have A Happy Marriage

The figure is $290K. Now this happens sometimes, but only usually after someone gets caught cheating and the other one demands a shopping trip to handle the emotional trauma.

To Be Able To Eat What You Want Without Gaining Weight!

It would be nice to eat what you want and not gain weight, but you would have to assume the inevitable stomach ache would not be good. This came in at $253K! Also, it would suck if you found that the food you wanted the most you started to hate.

Okay, there’s the top five, and now for some honorable mentions: Men put the worth of a good looking wife at $123K. Sorry to say fellas, but women are only willing to fork over $91K for a good looking you. A good date is priced at $750, which most of you know = hooker. Add in the $66 for a compliment from a stranger (again hooker) and you’ve got a full evening.

So, is this a reflection of us as a society being shallow and vain? Or a symptom of society that is just not happy with themselves?

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