Grobo is an at home growing unit that is monitored by an app for your smartphone. You choose what you want to grow (fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal cannabis) and it has the perfect growing cycle for each. Did you catch that? You can grow high-quality weed at home! The unit will automatically water, maintain the optimal temperature and humidity, and allow for the perfect amount of light. The light comes from LEDs, which cover an 8-color spectrum, and the ability for the glass around the unit to switch from opaque to transparent. This allows the plant to go through a light and darkness cycle mimicking sunrise and sunset.

The unit is set with growing cycles (recipes) for a variety of plants (including weed) already, so you just need to choose what you planted, add initial water and nutrients, and the unit takes care of the rest. Additionally, members of the Grobo community can share their growing techniques with others. The app allows you to check in on your plant while you are away and monitor its growth. There is even an alert available when the plant is ready to be harvested.

By manipulating the variables for growing, you can produce a stronger, more potent yield. You can also brainstorm with the community and come up with better techniques and growing cycles. One great thing about this unit is there is a filter that traps any odors that your plant may put off. So no one needs to smell what you are growing.

The unit was designed with the medical cannabis user in mind. The designers understood how hard it was for those using cannabis for pain management to find high-quality medication. This unit brings the ability to grow their own in an easy, self-contained system. This allows the grower to know where and what strain of cannabis they have, and also that nothing else has been added unnecessarily.

The designers also understand that not everyone who is thinking of buying a unit is a card carrying member of the medical cannabis club. They add this disclaimer on their site: “You hereby represent and warrant to Grobo that you will only use the Product in accordance with any and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.” They also go on to state that if they have a good faith belief that you are using the unit for nefarious reasons, they will cut off access to services.

The unit is currently in the pre-order status with a price of $899 (with a $199 deposit.) Final payment needs to be made before August 2017.

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