We can all agree, sometimes it seems impossible to fit gym time into our busy schedules. On top of a lack of motivation, it sounds so much more appealing to just head straight home after work and order pizza, am I right? Well, there is another solution…a home gym! Yes, genius! There’s really no need to join a gym to get ripped, bro. You can just do it from home, and here’s how:

Diet Matters

This isn’t a fun fact to realize, but strict diets are the true sculptors of the body. It doesn’t do you any good to work out and then slam your face into a cheeseburger. Lean meats like chicken and fish should be the focus on protein, along with healthier carbs like multigrain rice and fruit. You don’t have to completely forego beer in order to lose that gut. Coupled with a healthier diet, fitness routine, and low calorie beer, you can get the body you want without sacrificing too much fun. Also, cook at home rather than going out. This way, you know everything you’re putting into your body at all times.


There’s a reason why sports all over the world train with pushups: they work. But here’s something not all guys know in regards to pushups: its quality over quantity. It’s much more effective to do 20 perfect pushups than 40 sloppy ones. All guys know a sloppy pushup when they see one. The guy has an arched back, compensating for his lack of strength. This shows a lack of patience and you need to be patient with these workouts. Eventually the strength will come, so stick to good form.


Along with pushups, sit ups are the most fundamental workout you can think of. And most men neglect them. They’re boring and repetitive, but they work. First find a piece of furniture that won’t budge and tuck your feet under it. Keeping a straight back and your hands at your temples, bring your body all the way up to your knees. But here’s the trick: don’t just slam your body back to the ground when you’ve completed a rep. A rep finishes when the whole motion finishes, so make sure to lower your body back down in a controlled motion.


No fitness routine is complete without a cardio segment because you need to burn that fat away! But it’s arguably the worst part of fitness. In a land filled with treadmills and ellipticals, all you need is the burpee. The burpee requires a bit more dexterity, so make sure to get a decent stretch in before starting the workout. From the standing position, place both hands on the floor and hop into pushup position. After completing the pushup, hop your feet back to your hands and finish the rep with a jump. This workout develops your upper body, core, and leg muscles while also burning fat and raising stamina.

With a healthier diet and proper fitness, you can skip all the stress of trying to make it to the gym every day, and just stay home! Whether it’s before or after work, just head into your workout room when you have a free hour and get to it!

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