Guys, we’ve all been there. You’re chatting with a hot chick at the bar and things are going great. You’re thinking to yourself that she might be girlfriend material. But how can you tell the difference between your next girlfriend and your next restraining order? It’s important to ask questions in order to get to know her a little bit before you agree to a date. She may seem like a super-hot, nice girl, but you can’t just assume, right? Take a look at a few great examples of questions you can ask to really weed out the stage-five-clingers:

“How Many Cats Do You Own?”

A great barometer for craziness in women is the number of cats they own. Technically, any amount of cats is a gateway for cat hoarding, so be careful even if she answers, “I only have one cat.” One cat is one too many. What if she answers with five or six cats? Run in the opposite direction. The only pet for the house should be a dog, and not the little yappy ones.

“How Did Your Last Relationship go?”

There really isn’t a better question to ask a girl you’re interested in. Asking this allows you to explore the end of your own hypothetical relationship and how much she is willing to open up to you. Some girls always break it off with the guys, other girls have only been broken up with. This question holds tremendous power, as it affords you a bit of insight to the future you might have together.

“Do You Watch Porn?”

Let’s be real. All men watch porn, so she might as well hop on the train, too. She doesn’t have to be into the hardcore shit, but she should be cool with you jerking off to porn. Let’s face it: relationships don’t stop men from masturbating. The worst case scenario would be that the woman answers, “I consider watching porn to be a form of cheating.” Everyone can have an opinion, but you should steer clear of that iceberg. This is a huge red flag this will be a jealous chick.

See If She Will Buy You A Drink?

Rather than coming right out and asking if she might be a gold digger, give her the ultimate test. Flip the gender-role and throw her a curve ball with this one. Picture this: you just meet this gorgeous girl at the bar. You’ve been talking with her and buying her drinks all night and she seems totally into you. Before you ask her out on an official date, pull out the big card. Walk up to the bar and order another round of drinks, then turn away. See if she’s willing to pry open that pocket book of hers. If she’s really someone you will want to date, she would have already been offering to pick up the tab, so this one should be no problem. Or, she calls you a cheap ass and walks away. Either way, at least now you know!

It’s never wise to invite a girl out without really knowing if she could be a crazy or not. Ask a few basic questions, and test the waters a little before you dive in head first.

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