Despite growing concerns over national gun safety in America, gun manufacturers and distributors are not deterred from creating badass technological advancements every day. A recent unveiling demonstrates this ability with a new shotgun. And this shotgun shoots faster than any in the world!

From Fostech comes the Origin-12, a shotgun with a 30 shell drum and a massive silencer on the end. Demonstrated by firearm expert, Oleg Volk, this state-of-the-art shotgun fires 30 rounds in 8 seconds. Holy shit! That’s 3.75 rounds a second, from a shotgun! You might call it overkill, but we call it just right.

The Origin-12 has a silencer for stealthier barrages of warfare. Why would you want a silencer on a shotgun? The SilencerCo Salvo 12 sound suppressor is an optional attachment that seems to be implemented for the sake of everyone’s ear drums within a mile radius. Surprisingly, the Origin-12 is not fully automatic. So, like keeping your woman happy, the only thing slowing you down is the speed of your own finger.

Don’t worry, it just gets better. At only $2600, you can purchase your very own Origin-12, just in case the zombie invasion starts tomorrow. I’m not sure what scenario needs to occur for you to need to fire 30 shots from a shotgun in only 8 seconds, but who’s complaining. The Origin-12 is simply the embodiment of futuristic, badass technology. This shotgun is built for the purpose of dispatching thousands of enemies, so you can sleep tight at night knowing this thing is next to your bed. We feel sorry for the sad man that dares enter your home.

This gun seems like something straight out of a video game. But Call of Duty will have to wait to get their hands on this one.

Knockout Mag

Knockout Mag