Every sport has its own big championship. The NBA has the Larry O’ Brian trophy and The NFL has the Vince Lombardi trophy. We know what’s on the line for the players, but what’s on the line for bettors? Should you really put money on the championship games?

Men like to bet on games they watch. It makes even a boring game interesting. However, boring championship games are a rarer sight. Usually the competition is between two battle-tested teams deserving of a chance to win it all. So why should you spice it up even further?

For most fans, we don’t usually get to see our favorite team in the championship. The atmosphere of the championship game is hyped and so you should be too. But that’s only if you get in on the bet. Typically when you’re asked who you want to win a championship, you just pick the team you hate the least. Betting on one team or the other allows your opinion to be based in statistics, because you can’t just bet with your heart. You need a logical mind. Avoid the uneducated opinion on who will win by making a well-researched bet. But how does the betting change when the championship comes around?

Bookies pick a favorite in the championship based largely on public opinion. When it comes to the championship game, everybody has an opinion on who will win. This means the spread will be very different than compared with the regular season. That adds an additional element of risk and reward. If you made shitty bets during the regular season, then you might have some different luck.

Usually people have championship parties, where you can enjoy the game with drinks, food, and friends. So let your buddies in on your bet and make it a competition. Guys mainly make bets with one another through verbal agreements with only pride on the line. Well, money talks and bullshit walks. Make your party divided and excited by putting some money down on the big game. But how much should you put down?

The championship obviously only comes once a year, so feel free to splurge with what you’re comfortable. The amount of your bet should tie directly to your experience betting and amount you’re willing to lose. The last thing you want to do is get caught in a pissing contest with a high-roller, so don’t try to keep it up in a losing battle. Betting on the championship game should make it more fun, not the opposite. And in the end, it’s just a game, right? Just make sure you’re making wise bets, don’t lose your house or car here guys!

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