All gentlemen need to participate in a guys’ night out as often as they can. It creates great comradery between your friends and makes for some interesting stories to spill at your next party. But what do men do on the perfect night out together?


For a guys’ night, you need to get sufficiently liquored up. This means you have the choice between chugging beers and taking shots, because all other options just aren’t manly enough. However, make sure to do something other than just drink at the pregame. Depending on the crowd you’re hanging with, you can play a relaxing game of poker or get really competitive with beer pong. Cigars are especially great with any poker game because it’s the epitome of manliness. Either way, a little competition before your night out helps get the testosterone flowing.


When out at the bars, of course you’re going to see a ridiculous amount of attractive women. Don’t be that guy who wanders off from the pack and isn’t heard from for the rest of the night, though. Instead, play this situation to its full potential. You have an entire group of wing men to your full advantage here! The point of guys’ night out is to bond and have fun, so don’t ruin it by disappearing or hogging all the chicks to yourself. Work together and get a whole new party started with a group of the hottest chicks in the bar!

Strip Club

At this point in the night, you should be feeling really good. Between pre-gaming and the bar, you have more than enough drinks in your system for the strip club. No one should go to the strip club sober. Make sure you’re not too fucked up, though, because nothings worse than being that guy who’s kicked out for feeling up the ladies…

A gentlemen’s night out is a night to get fucked up and have raucous fun. The most important thing to remember, though, is even if trouble starts, leave no man behind! Is your buddy starting a fight at the bar? Back him up. Is your friend kicked out of the strip club? Leave with him. Above having fun, guys’ night out will build everlasting bonds between men because who’s ultimately going to be there when the girls from your party go home the next morning? Yeah, your best friends will be there!

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