If most men can’t even juggle a few balls (the toys, not your boys,) how can they expect to juggle women? It’s a complex world, but any man can date multiple women at the same time, with the right knowledge.

Choose Women Wisely

The hunt is the first phase of this operation. When you look to date multiple women at once, you need to find the right ones. This means you should steer clear of clingers. Nothing ruins a relationship like a couple that expect different things from one another. In this scenario, you don’t want anything too serious, so ask her the right questions up front to see what she wants from you. Ask her what she’s looking for in a man or what her future plans are. Some guys don’t care about the interest of the women involved, but the point of juggling women isn’t to hurt them, it’s to have noncommittal fun. Just be respectful.


When you’re accumulating your dates, it’s important to avoid double-dipping, or going to the same bar looking for new dates. You’ll soon garner a reputation as the guy that only wants to fuck. And while this is true, women will actively avoid you as a result. Yes, even the girls that that only want sex, too. Women hold the judgement of their friends in high esteem, so they will definitely not want to be seen with you. Keep your hunting grounds diverse and broad by choosing your hang out spots carefully.

Put The Phone Away!

Maintaining multiple relationships at once is challenging. Many girlfriends catch their man talking to other women because he was careless. To avoid any mistakes, you need to protect your most sensitive areas: your phone especially! Always keep your phone on vibrate and in your pocket when you’re out on a date. Pretend like you don’t even have a phone. Abandon ship if you’re asked the dreaded question: “Can I see your phone, babe?” Under no circumstances should you let her go through your phone, so what do you do? Do you smash it on the ground? It’s not like you can say no, right? The only real way you can escape is to limit your phone usage in the first place. Newsflash: you’re there to hang out with your girl, not to play on your phone. So put the damn thing away for your own good!


When you’re in between dates and alone, your phone now becomes your greatest asset. When you make plans with your girls, you need to keep a good calendar to avoid any accidental double-dates. When you go on these dates, you should be as money-conscious as possible. Dating just one woman is pricey, so the price only compounds with each additional woman. This means using your imagination more often when coming up with date ideas. But funny enough, those are the dates women usually find more romantic. It shows you actually thought of her rather than settle for a movie and popcorn.

You don’t need to be James Bond to handle multiple women at once. Sometimes all it takes is proper time management and imaginative date ideas. Just make sure you’re safe with all your new ladies. You might not be the only one who’s double-dipping here…

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