Sports giant Wilson has developed a football that will show you whether you’re man enough to take on the greats in the NFL. Wilson X is the first smart football equipped with a sensor that tracks your ability to move the ball. It tracks how far you threw the football, how fast you threw it, how much it spun, and whether it was caught or not.

The information is shared with an app on a smartphone. The ball comes with five different modes that can be activated for play from a warm-up toss to crunch time! One important note for this ball is that it’s not kick ready…. throwing only. Additionally, it should be kept away from any water source. The information that the ball tracks can be used to improve your throwing game. This is especially helpful for college players who hope to make it to the NFL.

The price of the ball is approximately $200 and has a non-rechargeable chip which means all the coolness of this football unfortunately, has a time limit. Another cool aspect is it comes with a wrist coach, to be placed on your non-throwing hand, to hold your phone. This coach will review your throwing patterns and offer suggestions to improve your game. The stats are updated in real time.

The football is even equipped with the ability to show you what your friends have been doing with their footballs. Wilson has a partnership with the NFL, so you also have the ability to choose which teams will go head to head allowing the use of actual team logos and jerseys.
One of the modes on the football is elimination. This mode is reminiscent of the game H-O-R-S-E, played with basketballs. A pass is thrown and the next person to throw needs to maintain or beat the previous stat.

Also worth mentioning, it’s not a good idea to throw the football against an object (or one of your friends’ heads.) And, as stated earlier, there is a time limit for the chip. Once the time limit has been reached (200,000 throws,) the ball will become just a regular football.

This new smart football can be found in most sporting stores or on amazon!

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