There’s a new trend surfacing among the ladies of college crowds and the dudes definitely aren’t complaining. Hot chicks everywhere are posing ass out on top of their Yeti coolers, which has earned this growing fad the unsurprising name: “Yetibutting.”

Yeti coolers aren’t exactly the cheap plastic coolers that you pick up at Wal-Mart on your way out to the lake when you decide to go last minute. Yeti is a pretty high end brand and is known for their premium coolers and accessories, so it makes sense to put really nice butts on really nice coolers. Taking and posting a picture of it is just a bonus for the dudes of Instagram. Imagine what this type of advertising has done for Yeti. Genius!

The main intent is for ladies to post their sexy booty pics in hopes of earning a high number of likes. In fact, there is even an Instagram page dedicated to yetibutting called “Yeti Butts Daily,” where you can look at butts on coolers all day long. What are you waiting for?

So what’s the key to the perfect yetibutt? Well, it’s a lot more work than it may seem. It’s not just about having a seat and snapping a picture. An arch in the back and making sure a good amount of pressure is applied ensures the best apple bottom yetibutt (apparently, G-string bikinis are preferred.) It’s really more about the form than just the booty (who are we kidding? The booty is just as important.) These girls really work for their likes!

We’re not sure how long this craze will last, but we don’t imagine the expiration date will be coming up too soon since everyone seems to be having so much fun with it. Girls love doing it and guys love looking at it, so everybody wins! No ifs, ands, or yetibutts about it!

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