Here’s a scenario: you’re about to have sex for the last time EVER and it has to be mind-blowing. It has to be the best sex you’ve ever had. So … do you roll a joint, pop some molly, or down a few shots?

It’s pretty well-known that “high” sex is an amazing experience. Every feeling is heightened, and you get totally lost in the pure joy of taking her to pound town.

That said, getting drunk and going for a roll in the hay is also a really enjoyable experience. The messy, sloppy, excitement of drunk sex is its own kind of awesome. The morning after is never fun, but it’s usually worth it, am I right?

Okay, so you’ve probably already experienced drunk and high sex but a new study by Joseph J. Palamar at the New York University found that sex on MDMA is even better!

Molly literally makes you love everything. You become super affectionate and just want to smother everyone you encounter with your body. This heightened desire for physical connection (obviously) leads to a lot of sex. It probably feels like it lasts two hours while it was actually only two minutes. But who cares, it feels good right?

In 2014, Palamar conducted a study in which he interviewed 198 men about drug use while clubbing, and 84.8% of participants said that ecstasy use gave them sexual enhancement.
When speaking to Science of Us, Palamar described being on ecstasy like this: “You’re more likely to want to hold someone, or a stranger, or give or receive a massage.”

A participant in the study said that when he was on ecstasy he held “the person even more; the kisses are more conducive; the warmth is there. It doesn’t have to be penetration necessarily or any type of copulation.”

The only down side (literally) to sex on molly is a floppy dick. Just like being too intoxicated, molly makes it harder to get a hard-on. Some people say they just have to wait until they’re coming off of it to have sex, which is a little disappointing when you’re feeling that affectionate.

The other thing to keep in mind is that molly tends to lower people’s standards. It’s like beer goggles. You just get so horny you end up taking home the first girl who makes eye contact with you. It becomes twice as hard once you’re under the influence, but try to practice safe sex. You wouldn’t want the best sex of your life to end in an STD or worse.

So there you have it. Molly is the drug of choice for the best sex of your life. Just remember, this probably isn’t the last time you’ll ever have sex, so use protection and keep your junk clean.

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