September is known for being the “golden month” to travel in almost every country, all across the globe. Basically, there’s no better time to get out and explore and truly see some of the most beautiful places on earth than in the month of September. It’s a romantic time to see the world with the added bonus of not being completely surrounded by tourists.

Let’s take this continent by continent:


Europe is the most toured continent on the planet. You can’t go wrong with a trip to France, Italy, Spain, or the UK. But you can get the timing wrong. We’re telling you right now, book a flight in September. This month is literally God’s gift to the two-week vacationer. In places like France and Italy, the locals are just getting back from a month of summer holidays, so they’re feeling relaxed, generous, and hospitable as they open up their shops and hotels for the start of another year.

North & Central America

Opt for a stay-cation of sorts when you book a trip on your own continent. Early spring in the states, Canada, and Mexico is heavenly. Summer crowds are gone from New England and Nova Scotia. That means more lobster, more secluded, mountain views, and more salty, sea air for you.

In the Midwest and central Canada, harvest season is beginning. Put on your flannel, peruse local farmers markets, and enjoy hearty meals.

By September, summer vacationers have pretty much left Mexico, and the beaches are all yours. Central America is especially empty of all tourists in September because it’s the rainy season, but it can be a really beautiful time to see this part of world as it is drenched in green. Not to mention you can get a great deal on accommodations if you’re not afraid to bargain a little.


In China and Japan, the oppressive heat and humidity of summer give way to mild temperatures and cool, fresh air in the mornings and evenings, especially along the coasts. Tourist attractions are still open, though not crowded, and the high mountains and valley passes remain easily accessible.

Africa & the Middle East

Enjoy open-air markets in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. Ski in the mountains, sunbath on the beach, and delve into the mysteries of ancient history all without having to fight other tourists for space.

Travel into the heart of central Africa just as the blistering heat of summer is waning and right before the downpours of the rainy season. September is the perfect time of year to see wildlife all across the continent.

South America

Warm in the north, and cool and crisp in the south, September is springtime in South America. Stay in Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile for a bit of sultry tango. Hike through picturesque Patagonia where new blooms are creating outrageously beautiful colored landscapes.

Australia & New Zealand

September in Australia and New Zealand is the end of winter, and the transition to spring is a quick one. Sunny weather and warmer temperatures in the New Zealand mountains where the snow hasn’t quite melted makes for great skiing. Or for a more tropical feel, visit Australia’s northern shore where you can relax on the beach. If you’re more of an urban vacation type, check out the Sydney and Melbourne during the beautiful beginning of spring.

Don’t waste your only vacation this year by taking the kids to Disney. Leave the kids at home with Grandma, and take an adventure in September! You won’t regret it.

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