If you’re a man in America, you probably play fantasy football. What better excuse is there to get drunk every Sunday and get out of all responsibilities your wife usually holds over your head? Yeah, you basically get a free pass to be with your buddies every Sunday all season long!

Of course, most guys enjoy playing fantasy just for the fun of it, but there’s also a lot of strategy put behind it as well. I mean, if you’re going to do something, you might as well be good at it right? There are a few fundamental guidelines you can follow to be sure you beat all your friends at the end of the season, therefore getting to dress him up in a ridiculous outfit for a night on the town. Check out a few of our favorite fantasy tips below:

To Start

Usually, you’ll have about 15 draft choices for your team. This consists of 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3WR’s, 1 TE, 1 K, 6 substitutes, and 1 DEF. From these picks, your choices of running backs and wide receivers will influence your season the most. It’s tempting to draft Cam Newton, but Antonio Brown is much more valuable.

Now let’s get down and dirty with the fun stuff. What are the best picks for the upcoming NFL season? Well, you won’t like this, but they come from your gut. What? You wanted a comprehensive list on which players will be key this season? Fine, here’s our top five sleeper picks (because obvious picks are boring.)

1. Latavius Murray (RB)

Murray is only in his 3rd year on Oakland but he has already solidified his starting role as running back. The offense for the Raiders has been in a recent up-swing, so look for Murray to continue to build on his potential.

2. James White (RB)

With Dion Lewis requiring a 2nd surgery on his knee, White will find much more playtime in New England. He’ll have to split minutes with Bolden and Blount, but Blount’s injuries last season illustrate just how shaky the running game is on the Patriots. Look for James White to step up.

3. Jarvis Landry (WR)

As Tannehill shows constant improvement, his receivers also benefit. This includes Landry, a 3rd year receiver looking to build upon his franchise record 110 catches last season.

4. Allen Hurns (WR)

This receiver is in his 3rd season with Jacksonville and is showing gradual improvement throughout every statistic. Including fumbles. If he can hold onto the ball and increase his catch percentage, he could have a terrific season that rivals many 1st round receivers.

5. Tyrod Taylor (QB)

After some uncertainty over who would be the starting quarterback last season, the Bills seemed to go all-in with Taylor, signing him to a six year contract extension. As he gets more comfortable working with the offense and Rex Ryan, look for Taylor to make that leap from good to great.

No one out there has a magic ball to foresee the next season. Sure, the ESPN guys have projections about the upcoming season, but for the most part, no one has a handle on fantasy picks. These guys study the game for a living, so what they’re saying matters, to a certain extent.

The ESPN fantasy people help you with figuring out who is likely to play that week. That’s all the information you really need. Besides that, they don’t know anything you don’t. As long as you know the player you’re choosing is playing that week, then you’re good. No one knows if a certain running back or wide receiver will show up on any given Sunday, but that’s the fun of the sport. It’s unpredictable.

Trust Your Gut!

You need to trust your gut in drafting new players, but you can take the ESPN analysis as confirmation of your own decisions. It’s a good feeling when you’re making the same choices as some bigwig on ESPN, but remember how many other people are watching the exact same segment. If you have a good feeling about a player from your favorite team, then why not draft him?

Big moves are made in football when you pick against the grain. You can either hop on the bandwagon, make the same picks as everyone else in the nation, or you can make the difference in your season with some unconventional picks. This season is the time to fly below the radar and snag some sleeper picks no one is talking about.

Now the only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and win your fantasy draft this year. You’re welcome!

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