Back in 2008, a luxury foosball table at the Milan Furniture Fair was receiving a lot of attention. The curvaceous table had serious sex appeal, and like a hot chick at the bar, was getting quite a bit of positive feedback. The designers who call themselves GRO design, decided the most logical response to this attention was to kick the table into development for limited production.

They called the table “11 | the beautiful game,” as a nod to the number of players on a soccer team and the famous phrase coined by the Brazilian soccer player Pelé.

The table itself is modern and elegant with curves that suggest the “grandeur of today’s modern stadiums.” Meticulously constructed by European craftsmen, the exterior of the table is onyx, which contrasts with the bright white interior of the table.

Your eyes are drawn to the white pitch, right into the action, where chrome-plated players, atmospheric lighting, and the integrated scoreboard enhance the drama and excitement of your typical foosball game.

So how do you get one of these for your crib? First you’ll need around 85,000 euros (that’s just shy of 95,000 USD.) Tables are handmade to order and delivered upon request to high-rolling customers. You can even opt for personal customizations.

The 11 looks nothing like a typical, game-room foosball table. No chintzy colors, no faded plastic. Bring a new level of class to your favorite competitive pastime. Just don’t get too carried away with the classiness. Beer and trash talking are still a must when it comes to foosball.

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