Most guys draft their fantasy team with only one thing in mind: to beat the shit out of the competition. They want to win, as they should. But when it comes to drafting that championship caliber team, there are reasons why you should make it as fun and creative as possible.

There are places like Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings that will host draft parties for a fee. The fee is affordable especially if you have plenty of guys. Also, both restaurants will provide “free” goodies as an incentive to host there. This is definitely a good draft party choice for guys new to the fantasy football scene. However, to the more experienced crowd, hosting your own draft party can be even more fun.

Stock-Up On Beer & Food

First, please have plenty of food and alcohol at this draft party. A Lack of beer can really ruin a party fast. If you don’t know how to cook, just slam some frozen appetizers in the oven. Viola! This means at the very least, your guests won’t go home hungry or sober.

Creative Games

Onto the actual draft where the fun starts to happen. To turn your draft into an interesting competition, we recommend games to decide the draft order. You don’t want to just draw straws or pull numbers out of a hat for the #1 pick. You should have to earn it.

Virtually all drinking games are good criteria to judge the order of the draft. Some guys take pride in their drinking game prowess. Or perhaps you just want to get your buddies drunk so they will make horrible mistakes in the draft. Don’t be the drunk guy who drafts a quarterback in the first round.

Drinking games and other forms of competition can also be set for sabotage when the stakes are high, though. You must either accept cheating as part of the game (yeah, right) or have consequences for the cheaters. The severity of the punishments are up to you. We recommend a mixture of humiliating and creative.

Above all else, your fantasy draft party should be competitive and memorable. With that, I would also recommend the punishment system for whoever places last in the group. The penalty should be horrible enough to add to the competitiveness and motivation to do well. But please, nothing involving tattoos on your ass. It should be memorable, not scarring for life.

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