With football season just around the corner, it’s important to remember your priorities. Game day is by far the best day of the week so you better start treating it that way and get ready!

To make that one day the very best it can be, there are a few important game day essentials, and here they are:


Food is often the most neglected aspect of game day. How can you expect to make food AND watch football? Well, it’s not impossible. Chips and dip is an easy way to satisfy those cravings when hunger sets in. Although when halftime eventually pops up, use that extra time to make some hot-wings, hamburgers, and hotdogs. This is important especially if you’re losing. No one wants to be angry and hungry; televisions might get smashed.


Everyone knows that when you watch football without drinking any beer, an angel loses its wings. So make sure to always stay hydrated. But it doesn’t end there. Men may settle for a 30-pack of the cheap, shitty beer. What a tragedy. The big game is only on once a week so you might as well treat yourself to something a little nicer. I’m not saying shell out serious dough, but my god, at least splurge on some blue moon.


Football is great. Football with friends? Even better! Game day is the day to get out all of your animalistic aggression because it IS sports, duh! But when you add testosterone to the mix, you have the chance for some great bonding with your buddies. Nothing brings men together quite like football, so next game day, invite all your friends over. The screaming and cheering might scare the neighbors but it does great things for comradery. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to set up your fantasy draft!


Can any real sports fan go through a game without wearing his favorite team’s jersey? Hell no. It’s important to represent your team in the best way possible and show everyone around you which team you support. It’s a great method to break down social barriers and bring friends together. It’s also perfect for instigating some shit-talking with the rival team.

Football is pivotal to American culture. The NFL offers Americans the opportunity to get together, eat, drink, and have fun while screaming cheers and obscenities at the television. What could be better than that!?

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