Maybe you’ve seen the new #22PushupChallenge popping up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter and are wondering why pushups are becoming so popular.

Here’s the deal: following in the footsteps of the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge—which was surprisingly successful at raising major funds for research on ALS—the 22 Pushup Challenge is a campaign to raise awareness for the 22 veterans who die every single day from suicide.

The goal is to get 22 MILLION pushups across the globe and start spreading the word about suicide among veterans. To add your pushups to the count, you post a video of yourself completing the challenge and hashtag #22PushupChallenge along with the number of pushups you completed. For example: #50pushups for the #22PushupChallenge. And don’t forget to nominate a friend to complete the challenge.

This viral movement was started by 22Kill, a “global movement created by veterans with a mission to raise awareness to veteran suicide and mental health issues.” On their website you can see the live pushup count tracking the progress of the project. People all over the world are uploading videos of themselves doing pushups to take on the challenge.

There’s really no reason not to get your phone out right now and make your own video. Honestly 22 pushups should be a piece of cake in comparison to your normal workout routine … right?
This really is a win-win scenario. You get the strengthening benefits of completing a few extra pushups, and everyone learns a little something about this serious problem that veterans all around the world are facing.

Make sure you do your part and spread the word! For more information, please visit Stop Soldier Suicide.

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