The Carnivore Club knows the way to a man’s heart and that is meat! In fact, meat could be the answer to everything! The best club ever allows you to sign up, choose the meat you want delivered, and enjoy! What kind of choices are there? Grab a napkin to catch the drool. Choices include options like bacon, ham sausage, jerky, chorizo, and more! Ladies! Listen up…Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries…. gifting solved!

Choices for subscriptions include having a month to month subscription, recurring order, or sending meat as a gift (ladies: hint, hint.) Generally, the meat has a shelf life of one to three months, and they do encourage you to refrigerate your purchases for maximum taste and satisfaction.

Can you customize your order? Currently, you can only customize your order in a corporate setting. The minimum order for that is 100 boxes. When you order your box of meat, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re going to receive it the first week of the following month. So, if you order it the first week of February, you’re not going to see it ‘til the first week of March. So hounding the delivery guy every day will not result in your box of meat getting to you any faster.

The big sell for The Carnivore Club, besides, hello…boxes of meat, is that its artisan choices. What does this mean? It means great batches of pure meat straight from the source. As an example, a previous box contained pork from the Lazy SR Ranch in Montana. So, if you ordered the box of meat that contained that product, the meat would be shipped from the Lazy SR Ranch in Montana to the shipping carrier. The Carnivore Club does not handle the meat before it gets to your door. Let’s not even ponder the thought of someone else handling your meat…

So, you can have quality meats delivered to your door every month. You can choose month to month or pick a multi-month option. If you choose the multi-month option, the price is slightly less than month to month. For the most part about $50 per month. Shipping takes place via USPS Expedited Parcel, and could run between two to four business days. Additionally, shipping is available to Armed Forces locations and all 50 United States.

Raise a fork, some bread, or a pan to the wonderfulness that is and will always be MEAT!

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