We have cars that integrate with cellphones to offer hands-free driving. There are cars that include Wi-Fi to keep you connected on the go. There are even cars that offer off-road capabilities. How about a car that offers even more options than that? What about a car that can take you from the road, to the beach, to the water!

Charles Bombardier, a mechanical engineer, came up with the idea for the Libelule, a concept car, which we’ve all been dreaming about! A spherical vehicle that has one wheel on each side to take you from the road to the water with a few clicks on a touch screen display. The windows are made of material that would be able to withstand the pressure of underwater travel. The doors would open like the doors on a helicopter.

Think of the possibilities this could bring. A car that would could travel on every terrain? Beach and lake resorts could rent these out for days at a time to tourists. The concept car is like a tri-brid of a vehicle, boat, and submarine. The wheels would grip the road on dry land and move water like a paddle boat either on the water or under.

Let’s just hope these vehicles, if they’re made, remain fun. How much frustration would there be if there was rush hour in the ocean or on the lake? Can you imagine being stuck in underwater traffic? If enough vehicles were produced, it would make you wonder if there would be underwater traffic lanes that would need to be developed to handle the load. On a positive note, though, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too long before some couple became the first members of the Mile Under Club!

The car is considered whimsical and fanciful, currently. It’s also one of almost 200 designs that Mr. Bombardier has developed. He constantly looks for new ways to conceptualize travel whether by land, sea, space, or air. He collaborates with designers from around the world and is open to suggestions via a submission page on his blog. It’s best to have a well thought out idea before submission, though. Just because something sounds like a good idea after a hard night of drinking, doesn’t mean the idea should be shared before further review after sobering up.

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