While squeezing onto a crowded sofa, you’re probably sloshing beer all over the place while also screaming things like “Defense,” or just a lot of profanities. This is all a few of America’s favorite pastimes. The game isn’t the only exciting part of these sacred football Sundays, though. During the season, the “day of rest” is typically celebrated with copious amounts of food, booze, and your closest buddies.

This year, you can microwave tortilla chips with cheese and call them nachos again, or you can add a little pizzazz to your weekend get-togethers. We have some genius food and drink ideas that might make you forget the football game even exists (Ha! who are we kidding?) Either way, the following suggestions are sure to bring an added dose of flavor to the party:

The Food:

It takes a ton of energy to root for your team, almost as much energy as it would take to prepare fancy menu items for your guests, right? Wrong! What if we gave you the secret to some of the easiest and most delicious football-food hacks of all time? We’re sure your buddies will be impressed!

Halftime Nacho Bar

Nachos can be a hit or miss depending on who makes them. Sometimes they aren’t layered right and all the good stuff is on top, so as you make your way through the pile, you find yourself with dry chips and lack of flavor. Another issue with this popular football favorite is that within the first few minutes of being served everything starts to get soggy. Instead of racing the clock or being forced to suffer an unsatisfying end, try setting up a nacho bar so everyone can control their own portions. Toss a couple pounds of cheese into a slow cooker with some sour cream and then surround it with bowls of tortilla chips, olives, tomatoes, green chillis, and anything else that you would pile on top of a heaping mountain of chips. This way everyone wins!

Bacon Tot Kebabs

You can’t really ever go wrong with bacon, especially when potatoes and cheese are involved. These ingredients are even better together when they come served on a platter of pure convenience. Cook up some bacon and tater tots before everyone arrives and then build some tater tot kebabs by stacking the tots on skewers. Lay them flat on a baking sheet and load them up with bacon and cheese and maybe even a little garlic or ranch powder before sticking them back in the oven for a bit. Leave some sour cream out for dipping and watch them disappear. We recommend making these in bulk.

Barbeque Weenies

These little morsels especially come in handy if you’re looking for something quick and easy. All you need is mini beef franks, barbeque sauce, and a crock pot. (Seriously, that’s it.) It may seem plain and simple, but trust us on this one. The hardest part will be deciding between regular sauce or honey barbeque. If you have more than one crock pot then you may as well go with both! Toss in the franks, layer with the sauce, and set to high until they are all warmed up. Easy enough!

Tailgate Sliders

These are like mini versions of a turkey melt (or ham if you prefer.) Place the bottom half of some slider buns on a baking sheet and then layer deli meat and cheese. Add the top bun, but before you place them in the oven drizzle some melted butter over the top of each one. You can thank us later!

The Booze:

Ice cold beer will always be kept on hand (naturally) but perhaps it would be fun to explore some other options once in a while. The following drink recipes are sure to keep you in the game! Well, unless you have a few too many.

Team Jell-O Shots

Jello shots are fun to serve at parties, but you can kick it up a couple notches and really show your team spirit by serving up these shots in none other than your favorite team’s colors. You will probably want to make these the night before because they can be a bit time consuming, but totally worth it.

All you need is a bottle of vodka, Jello (a box of each color that represents your favorite team,) some plain gelatin, and shot glasses. If you need a color that can’t be found in standard Jell-O flavors, then you can always add some food coloring. For example, grape jell-O can be turned into a really bold black with a few drops of food coloring.

You will want to make the first batch of colored Jell-O, add in the vodka, and sprinkle some of that plain gelatin on top. Then, you will put a few tablespoons of the mixture in each shot glass. Refrigerate the shot glasses for at least 30 minutes. While that sets you can make the second batch following the same instructions, but just make sure that you let it cool down to room temperature before adding a second layer.

Repeat these steps as needed until all of your colors are layered and you have some bad ass looking shots. Refrigerate overnight and be ready to party in the morning. Go team!

Go Home Arnold Palmer, You’re Drunk

If you’re a whiskey lover, then this cocktail will be your cup of tea (Literally.) You will first want to find a honeyed whiskey, like Honey Jack or American Honey. Pour a little bit of this over ice and top with an even mixture of lemonade and iced tea. For a bit of added flavor you can always add a lemon or a mint garnish. It’s a refreshing alternative to chugging beer, but you will want to proceed with caution because these are so delicious they’re dangerous!

Bloody Beers & Apple Beers

Since football mostly takes place on Sundays, there’s a strong chance that you may have gone out the night before. If the morning is looking a little rough for you or any of your pals, then we have a few recommendations. It’s blasphemous to not drink during football, so you can ease yourself back up on the horse by mixing your beloved beer with some magic ingredients.

You can mix bloody mary mix with your favorite light beer to create what is commonly known as the bloody beer. This is an alternative to a bloody mary for those who don’t like to switch to beer from liquor. You can even still enjoy it with olives!

Apple beer is another option, which requires adding sparkling apple cider to a light beer. This is great for a hangover because it makes the first beer delicious enough for you to rush through (a little hair of the dog) and get back in the groove of things. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be just a hangover thing either. It’s also just freaking delicious in general.

Other than a great game, there are few things as satisfying as a bunch of food porn and alcohol. Next time the festivities are hosted at your place you will most likely find your friends cheering for you as much as their team. Ok, maybe not as much as their team, but they will definitely become fans of your food and drink setup.

Maybe if you share some of these ideas with them, they will bring some of these dishes or drinks, which means even more time for you to eat, drink, and watch your team win!

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