The line of whether you should send a nude pic to a woman or not is pretty thin. It’s understandably a little awkward, but you think to yourself “she must want this dick pic, right?”

Gentlemen, under NO circumstances, should you ever send an unsolicited junk picture to any woman. Don’t take it offensively, this doesn’t mean she will never want to see you in that way, but when it’s through an impersonal picture, she might see that as a turn off.

So, how do you handle the complex world of sending and receiving nudes?

The easiest way to finding out if your girl might be into sending scandalous pics is just by subtly bringing up the topic. You can ask her without actually ASKING, right? Girls like clever guys, so be sly and witty when it comes to talking about it. You can give her hints that you’re in the mood then determine her reaction to your advances. It should be a subtle, coy game you play. Don’t just ask, “hey, wanna see my dick?”

Okay, She’s Into It

Assuming she actually wants you to send her nude pictures, remember that lighting and angles matter. No woman wants a picture of your penis from your point of view. She also doesn’t want a bright flash taken from under the covers. A mirror pic goes a long way. It shows you actually got up to send her a picture rather than just shove your camera down your pants. It also shows your body from her point of view, which is more realistic. She can tell how in shape you are and whether you were adding a few inches when she asked, “How big is it?”

No Means NO

This should be pretty obvious but if you’ve asked her to send you sexy pictures of her and she has already said no, leave it alone. If she flat out refuses or doesn’t feel comfortable, then you should respect her wishes and chill out. She will find you respecting her far more sexy than showing her your dick.


When you actually receive her pics, you now have a major responsibility. Nudes require trust between the senders. You trust them with not only viewing your naked body but also with the confidentiality of the pictures. That’s why Snapchat became such a hit. Due to the ever increasing need for anonymity, we needed a way for pictures to delete themselves.

Don’t Ruin It For All Of Us!

Girls tend to shy away from sending sexy pictures to guys because some of us ruined it for the majority. Yeah, I’m talking about the guys who share the sexy shots with their friends in a moment of stupidity. Don’t be a douche, and just keep the pictures to yourself in your own little album on your phone titled “Titties & Ass.” Imagine if she was walking around town showing all her girlfriends what you try so hard to make up for…

Anyways, seeing her naked is a lot more fun in person than through pictures, so that’s always a better option.

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