It’s the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for. Football season is back in action! With all the news in the off-season, this year will definitely be interesting to say the least. You know all the details heading into week 1, right? Well, the league implemented many changes this year, so let’s check them out:

Rule Changes

There are numerous rule changes that the NFL has adopted for the 2016 season. Most notably, touchbacks on the kickoffs will come out to the 25 yard-line and all chop blocks are illegal. Taking a touchback and starting a drive at the 25 yard-line sounds great for offenses, but there will still be dumbasses that insist on returning the ball from deep inside the end zone. At least this adds to more safety in the game *yawn.*

Clash Of The Titans

Many people might see Murray’s stint in Philly as a titanic failure. But that shouldn’t be too much cause for concern now that he’s on the Titans. Along with a budding Marcus Mariota and rookie Heisman winner, Derrick Henry, the Titans have added key offensive players that they desperately needed for many years. This year, Henry and Murray can split the minutes and come up with a winning formula.

Back To Back For Broncos?

Do the Broncos have a chance to win consecutive titles? Nope. The defense, which was the catalyst of the 2015 championship team, remains virtually the same this year. When Denver experienced issues at the quarterback position, their defense always pulled through. Well, those problems at quarterback are still there. With Brock Osweiler now on the Texans, the Broncos brought in Mark Sanchez and drafted Paxton Lynch. It’s fairly clear Sanchez will be their starting quarterback, so bet on Sanchez collapsing under the pressure, a la the butt-fumble.


With Chip Kelly’s move to San Francisco, a lot of suspicious eyebrows were raised. Can Chip force his system on an NFL team with any success? He failed in Philly, but you can’t use that as a barometer for future problems. Chip Kelly’s problem is his unwillingness for compromise. Just because his system worked in college with Oregon doesn’t mean he will ever come to fruition in the NFL. To compound his problem, there is still controversy over who will be the starting quarterback. There is much uncertainty about Colin Kaepernick, and not just how to spell it. His health and longevity with the 49er’s will be under question, so this gives Blaine Gabbert a chance to solidify his role as the leader of this team.

The Good, The Bad, And the Browns

Will the Browns be any better than they were last year? The Browns went 3-13 last season. It’s hard to get worse than that. They also acquired RG III, a quarterback that will hopefully put an end to the revolving door in Cleveland, as long as he stays healthy. This is also his second chance to appeal to a league that, for the most part, hates him. Former Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, Scooby Wright III, will also be making his debut for the Browns this year, so keep an eye on this prolific rookie linebacker.

Well, if that’s not enough to get you pumped up for the upcoming season, I don’t know what will! Don’t forget to use all this helpful information when setting up your fantasy team with Knockout Picks!

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