One of the best things to come from the 90’s was video games. Remember your childhood? You spent hours glued in front of you television playing old classics like Street Fighter, Wolfenstein, Pac Man, Sim City, Dig Dug, and even Oregon Trail.

Well, these and 2,400 other MS-DOS games are now available to play in your browser for free! Now, the only thing you’re missing is your mom yelling because you’re sitting too close to the TV. Or accidentally yanking your console off the shelf because you tripped over the wires. Ahh, the memories.

Who do you have to thank for this wonderful news? Jason Scott. He has been personally responsible for bringing back these old classics that we can play whenever we want. Scott admits it sometimes feels odd to play these games in a browser and the inability to save. Not being able to save means you have to limit your playtime to instances of spontaneous cravings. Unless you plan on beating an entire game in one sitting, you better enjoy those first few levels first.

So now if you ever have that hankering to kill some demons in Doom, you don’t have to shop at a Goodwill for some old, forgotten relics of gaming. No need to blow the dust off your antique cartridges. You can simply boot up the computer and relive your childhood. It’s kind of ironic how the future of technology allows us to relive the past, huh?

For more information, visit Jason Scott’s blog.

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