Nobody really needs a reason to drink during football season, but a little extra encouragement never hurt anybody. While you cheer on your team you can also create some healthy competition between you and your bros. What the winner gets is very, very drunk. Here are some drinking game ideas to incorporate into your Sunday game day routine:

Wizard Staff

This is not only one of our personal favorites, but also a way to truly establish dominance among dudes. All you need is some masking tape and cans of beer. After finishing each beer, stack the cans on top of each other and tape them together. Behold; your mighty staff! Whoever has the biggest staff by halftime will be declared the winner. However, size doesn’t always matter. You can still challenge each other to a duel and see who the last man standing is. Bonus points if you begin by declaring, “You shall not pass!”

Spin the Bottle

No, it’s not what you think. You don’t have to choose “Truth or Dare” or make out with someone when the bottle stops. This is more like “Spin the Bottle with a Russian Roulette twist.” Fill multiple plastic shot glasses with different types of clear liquor (Vodka, Tequila, etc) and place them in a circle on the table. Then fill a bunch of glasses with just plain water. Use an empty beer bottle and place it in the middle to spin. If the opposing team scores, then everyone must take a spin. May the odds be ever in your favor!

No Phones Allowed

If at any time during the football game you touch your phone for any reason, then whoever catches you gets to send any text they want to any contact in your phone. They also get to assign you a certain number of drinks to take while they slaughter your pride with whatever embarrassing message they decide to send in your name. If you’re a sucker for technology then be prepared to send a bunch of follow up apology texts the next day.

No Cursing

Can you make it through an entire football game without cursing? Absolutely fucking not! If you’re up for a challenge though, we have a great game for you! So what happens if you curse? Everyone must point their fingers at you and shake their head in a disapproving manner while they watch you take a drink. Not only that, but you must write the dirty word somewhere on your body using a sharpie. This is especially fun if you’re out at a bar or planning to go out later. Wear your words with pride!

Pray For No Penalties

This is a surefire way to annihilate your buddies, and yourself. You better have extreme faith in your team, because if they’re having a particularly clumsy day then you’re screwed. Each penalty determines how many drinks you take. For example: a five yard penalty calls for five drinks, 10 yards calls for 10 drinks and so on. If the penalty results in a first down then you must double the drinks and pray that you make it through the game. Good luck!

Always be sure to drink responsibly, but definitely try out a few variations of these games. The best part is, you can even switch up the rules and make these games your own. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up creating some memories that are simply unforgettable (depending on how well you play.) Cheers!

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