Let’s keep it real here. Every guy has his own bad habits. What some people might consider “bad” is up for debate, but let’s stick with the most general for now. For some guys, their bad habit might be smoking, junk food, or laziness.

The fact is, we all have our certain vice that we feel uncomfortable about and want to quit, but can’t. If you’re deciding to cut the fat in your life (metaphorically and literally,) then there’s a few things you should consider:


To conquer everyday obstacles and challenges, you need your friends. Your friends aren’t there to put judgement on you or give you added resistance. If they do, then they might not be your friend at all. Your real friends should help you through all your difficulties, as you help them. I don’t initially want to recommend approaching family with your bad habits because it’s usually about chronic masturbation. Don’t go to family with your problems unless you’re trying to kick a really serious habit, like an addiction. There’s a big difference on approaching your family about your addiction to heroin and that you want to cut down on jerking off.

Take for example, quitting smoking. Many guys find their own methods for quitting. Maybe it’s using a patch, chewing gum, or going cold-turkey. But if you have a buddy with you to go through the same process at the same time, then that makes it more efficient and effective. I’m not a business major, but that sounds pretty economical to me.

Work It Out

But what about exercise? Everyone thinks exercise is only a self-motivated activity. No! We all advocate for each other because it’s harder to let your friends down than to let yourself down. It’s all about having someone waiting on you. If you have a buddy going to the gym with you every day at 5:00 am, you’re less likely to hit the snooze alarm. Find someone who matches your motivation level and go kick some ass!

There is no recovery to addiction, only the next day. And while not all addictions and bad habits are equal, we can treat them as equals. This doesn’t mean you should check in to the next group meeting because you leave your socks on the floor. But you can give yourself a hard kick in the ass when you fuck up. That’s part of the learning process. We fail, grow, and get better!

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