We can all agree that when it comes to browsing the web, short cuts are the way to go. There are countless tips out there that will make your life much easier, especially if you’re an avid computer user.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

Type Less, Surf More:

Next time you’re typing in a URL leave out the www and .com then press ctr + enter to add them at the end.

Browse Subredditts Photos Hands Free:

For image-based subredditts, add a “p” to the url like this: redditp.com/r/xxxxx and image posts will appear in a slideshow that you can watch hands free (wink wink.)

Find Free Music Downloads:

In the URL bar type: “index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” + description + size + (wma/ mp3) “Jay Z” into a google search bar. Replace “Jay Z” with the artist whose music you want to find, and Google will pull up public ftp and http sites where you can download your favorite tunes.

A Shortcut For Reverse Image Search:

Hold down the “S” key and right click on an image. Chrome will launch a reverse image search.

Relaunch A Closed Tab:

CTRL + SHIFT + T will bring back the last tab you closed out of. It’s the CTRL + Z of the internet!

Quickly Select URLs:

In Chrome, CTRL + L will highlight the current url.

Switch Between Open Windows:

ALT + TAB will pull up all the windows you currently have open so you can scroll through and switch back and forth.

A Quick New Incognito Window:

Hit CTRL + SHIFT + N and a new incognito window will open in Chrome. We all know what this is good for: no browsing history or download history.

Access Blocked Subreddits:

If a subreddit is blocked (sometimes on a school or work network) just add a + sign to the end of the subreddit (i.e. /r/AskReddit+

Personalize With Plug-ins:

For a better internet experience, try plug-ins like YouTube Center, which allows you to customize the way you watch videos (i.e. auto HD, annotations removal, etc.) so you don’t have to adjust each time you open up another video. The Imagus plug-in will show you an image when you hover over the link to it, which is convenient for reddit, and AdBlock ads which allows you to whitelist sites that have non-intrusive ads.

Screen Trick:

Google “do a barrel roll,” and your screen will literally do a barrel roll. Now type “askew” and … well you get the picture.

How To Access Video Websites That Are Restricted In Your Country:

Trying to access a website or watch a video that’s not available in the country you’re in? Try using hola.org, which works as a proxy server for almost any country.

Google Images Hidden Game:

Type “Atari Breakout” into a Google Image search and enjoy a quick distraction from work.

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