It turns out not everyone enjoys gambling. Weird, right? A night at the casinos is both terrifying and thrilling. Taking chances is the fundamental nature of gambling, that’s why millennials tend to shy away. Millennials tend to boast about how they will be the generation that “changes the world” like ending smoking and taking better care of the environment. Who knows, maybe this will be the generation that makes the most change but one of the big concerns lately has been will they kill gambling and all that it stands for?

Millennials are both loved and hated for their development and involvement on the internet. Every day, you walk past countless young people staring at their phones. The world we live in has gotten more and more impersonal and anonymous. This creates two problems for the gambling industry.

First, having impersonal tendencies leads to less involvement in society. The tables at the casino gather a more mature audience for a reason: having a conversation is a skill no longer taught. It’s all about the almighty me. A conversation is like a street, it needs to go both ways. Millennials seem to flow in only one direction.

Second, expecting to be anonymous increases the likelihood in taking risks. Without the mask of anonymity on the internet, millennials get timid and shy. When their actual names and more importantly, their money, is on the line, why take the chance? People can rumor and talk shit on the internet until they’re blue in the face. But if you ever put them in a room with each other, no fists will fly. Millennials are less likely to be confrontational.

Millennials will generally use the prospect of gambling as an excuse to get cheap drinks. It’s a time tested method; just stick to the quarter machine and tip the waitress a dollar. Dollar drinks, y’all! But there’s no real gamble when you’re betting a nickel each hand. The hardest decision to make that night is which cocktail to drink.

Casinos gave life to many areas that wouldn’t have thrived without them. Now, they’re on the decline. How do we remedy this situation? We can’t. This is a societal issue that personifies itself through gambling. Millennials are more likely to be non-confrontational, impersonal, and scared of risk. Will it kill gambling? Fuck no.

Gambling has been around since the dawn of man and no single generation can kill anything, let alone gambling. You cannot blame the millennials for every societal issue, most certainly not gambling. Gambling’s fate falls into the hands of the generations after the millennials rise and fall. But if anything, this should motivate you to enjoy things in life that might not be there tomorrow.

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