There are many reasons why you would be uncomfortable playing at the tables. Maybe you’re a little nervous and playing the slots is more up your alley. The tables can be an intimidating place, but you shouldn’t avoid them because you’re unfamiliar with the basics.

This should come as a no brainer, but don’t be an asshole. If you want the dealer to be patient with you, kindly let him know that you are new and they will kindly show you the ropes. You get what you give. The people you’re sitting next to, however, might not be so patient to want to sit next to a newbie, though. So you can help your case by not acting like a dick.

Speaking of the people you’re sitting with, you should judge the crowd at a table before choosing to sit. If you like to talk and be relaxed, look for the table that’s louder and causing some raucous. If you want to keep to yourself and focus on the game, choose the table with more of a seasoned crowd.

Also, know the ante before you sit. A lot of guys sit down at a table without knowing its $10 a hand. Then, they’re broke in three seconds. If you want to start at the tables, don’t break the bank because you’re new. Instead, pick the table with the $2 hand and move up from there when you’re comfortable. You’ll find more people in your situation at the lower tables, causing the atmosphere to be more relaxed. People take gambling very serious at the big boy tables, so find out where you belong.

Please keep both your hands on the table with your cards. Too many times, a gentleman will need to be reminded about his hands, which distracts you and the others from the game. Don’t be a shmuck.

Along with hand placement, you need to be conscious where exactly at the table you sit. If you’re the last to receive your hand, you’re the anchorman. This creates a lot of pressure on you to not hit a bad card. If you hit on a bad card as the anchorman, then you’re ruining the game for the rest of the table. And trust me, they will fucking hate you. Just like a kicker in football, you can either win it or lose it for everyone.

I didn’t think I needed to say it, but just imagine this: you sit down at a table and you keep winning and winning and winning. Wow! This is easy, right? That’s the great thing about hitting it big. But what do you do next? Do you just say “thanks” to the dealer and leave? Hell no! Give that man a tip! It’s common courtesy to tip at the end, but you can be a real super star and tip him as you’re winning. It’s good karma.

Now you know the basics. Be kind and courteous to your neighbors and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Now go kick some ass and win some money.

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