The fact is, the world is running out of excuses for not getting in shape. You say you don’t have time to see a personal trainer because you’re so “busy,” and claim there is no time to prepare a healthy meal. Right…

Enter Vi, a personal training system that uses artificial intelligence to deliver a stellar workout for you at any time. A wearable device that fits around your neck with attached earphones, Vi will coach you through various workouts to reach your maximum fitness potential. This Kickstarter project that had a goal of $100,000 surpassed the million dollar mark, much to the delight of the developers as well as the contributors. The developers are listening to the Kickstarter community and adding various workouts as requested. The main focus was running workouts. Since the development, a basic cycling workout has been added with more to come.

Using a female voice, Vi will utilize information about you to customize your workouts and coach you through your routine. She will let you know if you’re working out too hard, if you need to speed up, and when you are achieving your maximum heart rate. Along with keeping track of your physical metrics, she will gather information about your sleep and eating patterns as well. She even responds to you! So, if you tell her that you’re sore from the workout the day before, she could comment about how hard she worked you out. She will offer encouragement during your workout and keep track of your progress in relation to previous workouts (i.e., new personal bests!)

Unlike some artificial intelligence voices, Vi does not sound robotic. She sounds like a good friend offering encouragement in a friendly manner. She asks questions and responds to answers and tracks all of your metrics to give you an overall view of your workouts and results. Oh, and don’t worry, she’ll know when you’re slacking off in your workouts so don’t think you can get away with that. She’s not going to put up with your shit!

The battery on the device is made to last all day. You have the ability to use speech recognition to not only answer her questions but also to send text messages and listen to music. No more fumbling with your phone or iPod while working out. Simply let her know what you want and you can have it (why can’t all women be this way?)

The idea was conceived at the beginning of 2015, and the first generation devices are set to begin shipping at the end of this year.

Christmas shopping, DONE!

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