Men, we’ve seen it everywhere. A hot woman with a great rack will flirt with most men just to get what she wants. Whether she’s getting pulled over by a cop or she wants a discounted price, she may employ some shady tactics to win. Most of us have issues with deciphering if a woman is truly being sincere in her flirtatious ways, or if she has some dirty intentions.

Flirting can be dangerous, but even more so if she’s also playing the role of salesperson. In fact, many women do well in sales because men are highly susceptible. And highly dumb. So, don’t be dumb and learn the difference between an innocent flirt and a scam.

When in a business environment, remember to keep an eye on details that seem much larger in hindsight. And think with the right head!

Eye contact is the first connection most men have with women. Usually it’s just a glance across the room, two people being coy with one another. However when you’re talking with her, if her gaze is prolonged a little too much, it can be pretty creepy. It’s an obvious sign that she’s into you, but it’s desperate and there’s usually a catch.

You’re at work and the deadline for the big project is coming up and she really needs your help. And she really needs that promotion…

Be wary before you start to brag to all the guys that you’re about to bang Jessica in accounting. The same issue with prolonged eye contact is true with smiling and laughing. Every guy knows he’s funny, but when she’s laughing at everything you say, it shows deceit. Or she might just be fucking crazy.

Physical contact is flirtatious when in moderation. A shy brush of the hand is fun, but anything more needs to be looked at closer. If you find yourself being groped by a woman in the office, it might SEEM like your deepest fantasies have come true. However, once playful touching becomes intimate, you need to know if she’s just using you. Most men might be alright being used by Jessica in accounting but not while she steals that promotion you were going after.

Just remember, not all women are built the same. Some are more shady and deceitful than others, so there’s no need to be Sherlock Holmes and interrogate every flirtatious woman. There are some guys out there who get lucky with the women who mean no harm, so keep it up!

Just don’t be surprised when Jessica in accounting is your boss next month.

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