It’s that time again gentlemen— bust out the grill, put those beers on ice, and get ready to draft your fantasy football team!

Over the last few years, fantasy sports have exploded on to the scene thanks to gaming giants like DraftKings and FanDuel. These platforms raised the stakes for football fans allowing them to bet real cash for a chance to win big prizes. Weather you’re considering joining a big league with lots of players or a smaller fantasy platform with better odds, here are the top reasons why you should get some skin in the game:

Learn More About The Game And The Players

You may have your favorite teams and even a few favorite players, but nothing connects you to the game like fantasy. With money on the line, it’s important to understand which players will give you the best edge during your matchups. Maybe a recent roster change will add risk to a player’s performance, or maybe you know a defense is weak against the run. By monitoring the game closely, you can increase your odds of winning and fire off some great stats during the next game day.

Turn Garbage Time Into A Nail-biter

Don’t you hate watching the second half of a blowout game? Where’s the fun in that? Well, fantasy football can transform that boredom into edge-of-your-seat excitement if you’ve got players in the game. Even though the actual game may be a shutout, each yard your running back tacks on at the end of the game could ultimately mean the difference between victory and defeat – so keep those wings and beers coming!

Get Competitive With The Guys

Nothing beats some good ol’ shit talking, and fantasy sports provide the perfect outlet for budding rivalries. Start a league with your buddies to spice up your weekends and rub your friend’s faces in their crushing defeat. A work league is another great opportunity to bring the guys at the office together and publicly humiliate your coworkers. Best of all, you get to take their money!

Get Competitive With The Girls

Fantasy football may be just the spark needed to add some friendly competition to your relationship. Teaching your girl the in’s and out’s of the game can be a fun way to bond over something you enjoy and can keep things interesting with some bets on the game. Help make your Sunday’s fun for both of you by helping your girl learn to love football.

Win Real Cash

What’s better than a perfect Sunday afternoon full of football? Winning a whole bunch of money! Fantasy sports let you apply that previously wasted knowledge of sports to something that can actually add some zeros to your bank account. Many of the major fantasy sports sites offer massive payouts, but stack you up against an overwhelming amount of competition. Often, more boutique fantasy football betting sites offer better odds of winning sizable jackpots while playing the same game.

Whatever your reason, drafting your fantasy lineup is a good move to make the most of a season. Start your research now to ensure you’re got the edge going into week 1!

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