Whether it’s a bachelor party in Vegas or a night out at a local casino, there’s nothing like good ol’ fashion gambling! With all the new technology, the casino industry is changing rapidly.
Here are some cool ways casinos are using new technology to up security and streamline your casino experience:

Facial Recognition Software

Casinos have always been in conflict with cheats and frauds, people who find ways to outsmart the system and walk away with loads of money (you know you’ve actually always dreamed of being that guy.) But now with Facial Recognition software, casinos are able to identify crooks as soon as they walk through the door. In fact the software has gotten so good that even disguises, like fake mustaches, can’t fool it. Stopping these people before they are dealt into a game helps keep you and your buddies out of a shootout on your Vegas weekend, while also protecting the casino’s assets.

Cyber Casinos

With all the conveniences our smart phones, tablets, and laptops afford us, why not add casino games to the list? Now, instead of cleaning up your apartment to host poker night, you can play poker online while lying on the couch in boxers. Doesn’t get much better than that! There are many mobile apps, and since online casinos are relatively new, some of them offer incentives, like bonus chips, to new customers. As always, play with caution. Having a slot machine on your phone is like living inside a steakhouse. You will lose everything (or die of heart failure) if you indulge too much.

Going Cashless

While most financial transactions these days happen electronically, casinos haven’t moved towards a cashless system There are laws that prohibit casinos from accepting credit cards but casinos are now finding innovative ways to accept credit.

Many casinos now give patrons “club cards” that function like in-house debit cards for the casino games and shops. Some casinos are implementing a voucher system for the slot machines and video poker. Vouchers can be redeemed for cash at any time, or they can be deposited at a machine to credit the winnings back to your club card. This system streamlines cashing out at the cage and keeps the money safely moving inside the casino.
These are just a few of the innovative ways casinos are changing to improve security, keep current, and streamline the exchange of money for a better customer experience.

Whether you’re visiting the casino in Vegas or the one on your smart phone, the new technology that has been implemented, helps keep your money safe, wherever and whenever you play.

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