It was only a matter of time before technology caught up with beer! No, we aren’t talking about going to a microbrewery and having a banana and coffee infused beer. We’re talking about making a banana and coffee infused beer AT HOME!

BrewArt, a company based in Australia, has come up with a way to brew beer through your phone! Their Beerdroid brewing system allows you to combine various ingredients to make almost any beer your heart desires. Have a brew flavor in mind for poker night with the guys? Just add the correct ingredients and program it into the machine. Need a good drink for your “study group,” which is a beer club masquerading as a study group, they have the ingredients for that, too! While you’re putting on a good show at the library, you can check in on and control your home brew from an app on your phone. If you come up with some new flavor combinations while you’re, errrr, “studying,” you can also order ingredients through the app as well.

Their innovative system is sensitive enough to be able to determine when the brew is at maximum flavor, and it will shut off to preserve the goodness. Not going to be home soon? The brewing system can keep the beer at maximum flavor until you can tend to it.

The BrewArt site offers many videos which give you step-by-step instructions for using and maintaining your machine. It has easy to clean features and produces approximately 2.5 gallons of suds. Currently, only available in Australia, the brew system will be available in the United States later in the year. This just means you’ll have some time to save up $700 – $800, which is the approximate price for a unit. Additionally, you’ll have time to dream up which of the almost 3,000 flavor choices you would like to start with first.

You can download the app, check out the website, and start making plans and names for your personal brews: Happy Harry’s Winter Ale, Paul’s Womanizer, and TGI-Frank’s Great Brew-just to name a few. Just remember to name it something fun!

It IS beer, you know. So none of these: IP -Ale By Myself, Beer for 1, and Lonely Lager. No! Just no.

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