You might have heard of those bicycles that cost thousands of dollars (maybe you’ve even seen a few.) These bikes have 20+ speeds and can do almost anything including making a latte. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but still, they have all the bells and whistles but don’t look all that different than the 10-speed you grew up with, right? Go ahead and picture that bike in your mind…now get ready to have your mind BLOWN!

Cyclotron Cycles has come up with a concept bike that has no spokes or air-filled tires. Additionally, all the components are integrated into the bike, so no chains or cables sticking out anywhere! Impressed yet?

The tires of the bike are solid polymer, and the wheels can be used as storage space with specially fitted attachments. So you’re saying it’s possible to pick up a six-pack of beer and carry it home in the wheels of your bike? Genius!

The company had a kickstarter campaign and surpassed their goal by three times the amount they originally requested. They have a prototype to share and are working on the finished product. There are various videos available to show the function and form of the concept bike as well.

The tires of the bike are equipped with lights that toggle off and on depending upon the amount of daylight. This comes in handy on the dimly lit or dark streets. Increasing visibility when riding at night can greatly reduce the amount of accidents that occur. The bike comes with an electric panel that can track your ride data, which is like the data that is tracked in many of the current sports apps that are available. This is integrated as a standard part of the bike, though. Score!

The company hopes to have production of the bikes available for sale by July of 2017. They are taking the concepts and testing out options, soliciting feedback from consumers, and sharing their progress with the Kickstarter contributors.

While this bike is awesome and all, someone should be developing a bike seat where your ass doesn’t feel like you’ve been sitting on a brick all day!

When’s that coming out!?

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