You’re a modern man; you are connected on social media, professional sites, and a few dating sites. You’ve got game, and you know how to use it! Ladies are hitting you up regularly wanting to go out. So what could possibly go wrong?

What happens when you’re involved with a girl you actually want to stop talking to? You know that girl; you take her to dinner one time, then have a few crazy nights full of hot sex, but for whatever reason, she can’t hold your attention. This girl wants you to delete all your other profiles and ONLY see her. You miss the initial warning sign because she’s hot, so you see her again, and again…Then a few dates later she asks you that question you KNOW you don’t want to answer, “So, you’re sleeping with just me now, right?” Instead of having to come up with some crazy lie, just let her down gently (or not so gently) with the Ghostbot!

You already know the number you give out to the ladies is a disposable one, so why not add an extra feature? The new Ghostbot works with the Burner app and will send automatic text messages to the number you choose. The messages will all be at random and at all different times because it would look pretty obvious if she gets a message every day at 3:00 p.m. right? Also, if you continue to try and blow her off by telling her “you’re busy,” then it’s basically lying and you’ll have to deal with her often anyway. This way you can let her down without actually listening to the blah, blah, blah that comes with it. Ingenious!

So, you meet the girl and then after a few dates want to un-meet her. To let her go, just activate the Ghostbot app, and it will take over for you. She wants to come over? Ghostbot will let her know “now is not a good time because you are swamped with work.” She wants to pick a different day, like when you’re free, Ghostbot will tell her “you need to look over your schedule to see when you have time available again.”

This will continue until she stops contacting you. Sounds great right? This way you don’t have the emotional baggage/drama that comes with letting a girl down, and she is none the wiser. Unless, of course, she has seen that app too! Or the woman whose pants you’ve been trying to get into knows about it. When you text her for the eighth time that day, you get the message that she will check her schedule and get back to you.

Okay, you think…hey wait!

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