When a woman says, “talk dirty to me,” what do you say? Most men can fill in the blanks here, but sometimes (most of the time) the woman will totally misunderstand what he’s trying to say because let’s face it, words just don’t flow very well in that moment like we expect them to, am I right? So how can we say what we really want in bed without mincing words?

No worries, gentlemen! We’ve got you covered with a few of the basic dirty talk DON’TS:

Don’t Ask

Instead of asking, “You know what would be sexy?” just tell her the truth. There’s no need to ask rhetorical questions in the bedroom. Instead of asking, tell her. Say, “I think it would be sexy if you were my secretary and we fooled around on the desk.” In role play, be specific! The more specific the scenario, the more likely she is to participate. Don’t just say, “I want a blowjob while we’re driving.” She WILL take this as hostile. Flirt with her in the car. Play with her thigh. She knows when you’re horny, you just need to fill her in (pun intended.)

Don’t say, “Talk dirty to me.” Your girl won’t know what level of kinkiness to lead off with. Instead, if you want your woman to talk dirty, then you should be the one to start it. Lead off slow with “I love to spank you during sex” or “I’m thinking of the ways we rub against one another while kissing.” It’s tame for average dirty talk, but that’s how it starts. Coming out of the gates too quickly will make your girl think you’re only in it for the sex. That’s a turnoff for her, especially if you both are emotionally invested.


We’re all guilty of asking, “How’s this?” while having sex. NO! Don’t ask her! It’s almost like setting her up to lie to you, for sake of convenience. Everything about this screams pussy. Most men want to please their woman, so they thrive on the constant feedback. If you don’t hear her moaning at the top of her lungs, you might get self-conscious and lose your libido. Instead of asking her every five seconds, you can usually tell if she likes it by the expressions and tone of her voice.

This shouldn’t discourage you from staying vocal in the bedroom, but if she seems displeased, you don’t have to ask her, just know that she is. Shift positions until you get a more positive response. Tell her you’re going to go down on her. TELL, don’t ask. Play a game of hot and cold so she can tell you when you’re getting “warmer.”

Women love when you talk dirty to them. Just don’t sound like a pussy and you’ll be good to go.

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