If you’ve ever had a shitty boss in your life, then you can totally relate to this article. Everyone is bound to have a terrible boss at some point in their adult life, and you’ll definitely know it immediately! Not all horrible bosses are equal, though, so let’s take a look at the subtleties that make these bosses shitty.

The Micro-manager:

Ahh the micro-manager. These bosses hold you under an unrelenting magnifying glass, offering criticism wherever they can. Whether you’re washing dishes or setting up an annual report, these guys or gals want to keep an eye on you because they want perfection. Well, perfection as far as they’re concerned.

The God like Complex:

We all know this boss. Everything they do is perfect. It’s their way or it’s not the best way. And even if the scumbag is one rank above you, he still thinks he’s the second coming of Christ. Often, while his ego is full, his brain is empty. Don’t blame him for his actions, though. His God-complex manifests because he attaches too much pride to his job.

The Silent but Deadly:

The silent boss may be the opposite of the others, but they’re just as detrimental. Imagine you’re trying to complete a project but you have no fucking clue what to do next. Can you ask for help? Well, not to the silent boss. This person is completely reclusive and not meant for leadership. Or they really just don’t give a fuck about your progress. Either way, they’re either not in the office or won’t help you during your daily crises at work. This boss sucks!

The Rumor Mill:

This kind of boss likes to indulge in fellow employee rumors, especially if those rumored employees are subordinates. They help perpetuate stereotypes and hatred in the workplace, as if the workplace wasn’t stressful enough. Whether they’re next to the water cooler or locked in their office, you can bet this boss is spouting nonsense.

Unfortunately, these terrible bosses are often the reason we leave a job, even if it’s a job we love. Let’s all raise our glass to the real men and women who can lead a workplace without micromanaging or any of this other bullshit!

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