You don’t typically think of the word “luxury” when you think about surfboards, but we now live in a world of constant change people! The Boost by Lampuga is the newest and only luxury electric surfboard on the market. That’s right, luxury and electric, and no, it’s not a Tesla.

Although Germany isn’t known for surfing, that’s where the Boost was first handcrafted. Germany is known for its engineering capabilities, so Lampuga may be on to something here. Lampuga claims the board is made from the world’s highest quality materials and based on the images we’ve seen, they may be right. It looks pretty damn sleek!

With top speeds reaching up to 34 mph and a 15 horsepower electric engine, you’ll be causing major waves wherever you take the Boost or rather wherever the Boost takes you. You can ride around for 40 minutes before you’ll need to head to shore to recharge.

The best part is, you can grab a drink while you wait an hour for your battery to reach 100% and then head back to the water. The board keeps you stable as you glide across the water, so no need to be a professional surfer to enjoy this toy.

The Boost comes in carbon black or white and can be yours for only $14,500. There’s no surf lessons required either, so whether you know what you’re doing on a surfboard or you’ve never caught a wave before, this is a toy for all to enjoy!

Take it on your next lake trip or out on the ocean for some high-speed fun. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this unique toy. It’s not all fun and games, though. Lampuga also offers Air and Rescue. Air is an inflatable electric board and Rescue is similar but made specifically for use in coastal rescue activities. So you can relax knowing you’ll always be prepared in case of emergencies.

Don’t get caught with a regular old surfboard this summer, when the Boost luxury electric surfboard is clearly the better option. You’ll be zipping past the competition for sure!

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