The editors of Travel + Leisure have just introduced your new travel buddy. The T+L Travel Guide app gives immediate access to in depth travel guides for destinations all around the world.
When you select your favorite restaurants, shops, or bars, the T+L Travel guide will map everything out for you and help you find your way around.

You can even book your hotel directly through the app, which makes it much easier to stay in a convenient location for sightseeing.

Not only does it map out your favorite destinations, it even gives insider tips on a few hot spots for you to explore. The app will let you know where the best hotels, restaurants, and other cool things to do are and it all comes from local experts!

Once you have found some places you love, bookmark them as “favorites” in a custom itinerary which then helps map out your day with the routes that make the most sense. Stuck in an area with no internet access? No problem! You can download your itineraries and the city guides beforehand and then use them offline.

This all in one app is clearly all you need to make travel plans much easier. You can delete any other travel app that you have currently cluttering up your phone.

You’re going to need to free up some memory space for all of the pictures you’ll be taking when you’re traveling abroad!

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