Everybody loves racing, whether it’s from the red light, beating the red light, or right through the red light, am I right? When you’re not behind the wheel, there’s plenty of awesome racing simulators and video games to help you get your fix. Somehow, the games and simulators don’t quite do the racing justice…until now!

CXC Simulations is changing the racing simulator game with its Motion Pro II racing system. This is the only professional-grade racing simulator you can use at home! It’s ultra-realistic and responsive with vibrations, seat belt tensioners, and sound effects that make you feel like you’re really on the track. You better believe this is not your typical arcade game!

With its sophisticated software and hardware integration, it will be hard to remember you’re indoors. CXC Simulations gathered data from many sources while creating this system. They disassembled race cars, used 3D scanning technology to analyze and collect information about many race tracks, and even gathered information from car manufacturers to ensure an epic racing experience.

Using the same kind of technology found in flight simulators, CXC made a system that responds to surfaces, bumps, curbs, even contact with other cars. After working on development for more than two-years and testing the simulator with several professional drivers, it’s ready.

The Motion Pro II is used by professional IndyCar and F1 drivers and allows you test drive racetracks found across the globe. These aren’t made for the system tracks, these exist in real life and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. No helmet required. Not only do you get to choose the track you want to drive, your vehicle options are just as diverse.

Vehicle options include Ferrari 458 GT3, Shelby Cobra, Ford Focus WRC, Ayrton Senna’s mighty McLaren MP4/6 or choose from one of more than 1,000 cars. Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, WRC, FIA GT, ALMS and dozens of other racing cars are available as well.

Put your seatbelt on, tell your girlfriend to leave you alone for a few hours and drive off into the simulated sunset on any racetrack in the world!

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