What would you do with a 359 lb, thirty-five horsepower, carbon Kevlar reinforced hovercraft? Pretty much whatever the hell you want, right??

On any flat surface, ice included, the Renegade IQC hovercraft floats seven inches off the ground and can reach speeds of up to 50MPH. Other than the thirty-five horses, the 1,100mm thrust duct is what really keeps you going. There is a small windshield as well, which helps keep the bugs out of your mouth when you and your passenger can’t contain your laughter due to all the fun you’re having.

The Renegade IQ is what’s mostly shown in the video below which will run you right around $32,000. There’s also the IQC model, which is $34,000, and it includes a heavy-duty shell. The shell comes in handy if you plan on renting it out, or if you like to ride pretty hard in general (who wouldn’t?)

This version also includes some pretty sweet features such as an LED headlight for night rides, a USB charging port for electronic devices, and a rear-view mirror in case you squashed anything on your path of destruction.

Check out the video to see how much fun comes with one of the most amazing personal crafts ever!

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