Almost any local event you attend these days has a long line of food trucks offering just about every type of food you could ever think of. It can be fun to walk down the line and grab a quick bite from various trucks, but the curse of being a human with only two arms makes it difficult to comfortably enjoy your feast without making a mess, or losing your lunch (literally.)

What if there was a place to actually sit and enjoy your meal without the juggling act? One Facebook user apparently had the same question, and wants to bring Italian to you in the best way possible!

Giancarlo Sociali has decided to turn the idea of mobile-dining luxury into more than just a fantasy. He posted multiple photos of an actual restaurant bus on wheels, which is far from your typical food truck.

The giant red bus is the same length as a standard public-transit vehicle. However, the difference between the average city bus and this mobile-dining hybrid is you can conveniently take a seat inside and enjoy a freshly baked slice of pie rather than take it to go and find an awkward place to stand. Genius!

I think we all need to take a minute and thank Mr. Sociali for this innovative new concept. Pizza lovers can rejoice in this dream come true!

This could be good news for all types of food lovers as well as it may just be the beginning of a beautiful future for food on wheels. Long live food busses!

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