Nope, we don’t mean snowboarding!

Sandboarding is an extreme sport and as the name suggests – you’ll be sliding down the sand, literally. It’s unclear where this sport began originally as many countries claim to be the first to try it, but it’s now trending all across the globe.

In places like Egypt, Australia, Germany, Peru, Chili and even Japan, there are plenty of competitions and professional sandboarding athletes. Companies like Red Bull and Burton are sponsoring them, so it seems sandboarding is here to stay.

Sandboarding is very similar to all the other “boarding” sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, using practically all the same movements.

The best places to try this out would be anywhere you can find sand dunes really. If you test it out a bit, and decide you might want to take it a step further, you can try to hang with the big dogs in Egypt or South America.

Check out this crazy sandboarding video from Peru! Yeah, this looks like way too much fun!

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