Travel is one of the best ways to stay sane and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From a short road trip to an intense backpacking adventure, every opportunity to travel should be seized as often as possible. If you’ve been looking for a real man’s guide to traveling then search no further!

We have all the right tips on how to get the most out your wanderlust!

Stock up on Cash

No matter where you’re headed, the only way to ensure you’ll have a great vacation is to make sure you always have a fat stash of cash with you. You especially want to make sure you’re stocked up on funds in case of emergencies, but also to allow yourself to fully experience the world’s offerings. The goal is to have the full experience while you’re away from reality. Bring enough cash to never have to say no to anything that comes your way.

In other words, ball out!

Be Adventurous (literally)

The best way to travel “man style” is to try new things! Traveling is meant to broaden your horizons and provide you with new experiences. Search for new experiences such as trying new foods, learn the language, or just try something that’s just flat out crazy! Respectable men face new experiences and immerse themselves in the adventure, so don’t be shy! But, also remember that whatever happens on vacation, doesn’t always stay there…Yeah, you get it.

Be Unique

Try to set yourself apart from the crowd. Since you’re a unique individual your vacation should be a unique experience. You can achieve this individuality by the way you dress, or even by the places you decide to check out. Since vacation is all about relaxation you may even want to bring your hammock! Be sure it can hold two, as you may just meet a beautiful woman on the beach and she might join you for a swing.

Keep Moving

To really get the most out of this trip, be sure to stay active. Being active and sporty comes naturally to most of us guys, so why not choose a vacation that combines all your favorite activities! This gives you the chance to try things like kayaking, cycling or even mountain climbing. Even if you go to an all inclusive resort there’s always the option to get out and enjoy something like jet skiing. Plus, wherever there’s water, there’s bound to be hot chicks in tiny bikinis, right?

It’s not hard to see why travel is so popular and sought after. Traveling can shape you as a person, and help bring more positivity to your life. This guide will surely help you plan your travels the way any real man should. You will probably even have a good story or two upon your return, which can increase your popularity with the ladies. Chicks dig manly stories.

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