Other guys might envy you for not being able to put on weight but it’s not as great as it sounds. Being naturally thin comes with its flaws, like making it that much harder to put on muscle. Luckily there are plenty of ways skinny guys can bulk up and achieve the body they want, it just takes a little dedication.

Go ahead and follow these simple tips and tricks and you’ll be the next jacked guy in the gym that everyone’s intimidated by!

Food is Fuel

The most important thing you can do to gain muscle is to eat. And EAT! Seems simple enough, right? However, you can’t just eat anything. You need to focus on eating plenty of proteins in order to fuel your body properly. Proteins are basically building blocks for muscle, but you also need carbohydrates as an energy source for your body. If you don’t fill up with a sufficient amount of carbs then your body starts burning proteins and muscle, which is counterproductive.

Load up on these muscle gaining foods for the best results: proteins such as chicken, turkey, and steak. These are also loaded with all the right nutrients for muscle gain: rice, pasta, oats, nuts, milk, eggs, and fish. Time to hit the grocery store!

Eat Often

You need to constantly feed your body nutrients, especially if muscle gain is your end goal. Simply eating three times a day isn’t going to be enough because it takes too long before your muscles are fed. It’s best to eat a heavy breakfast, then two hours later eat a snack, then be sure to eat a protein rich lunch, then have another snack. After this last snack, workout an hour or so after. Once the workout is complete then a shake is appropriate, followed by a big healthy meal for dinner. You can drink a shake right before going to sleep too because that will feed your muscles while you snooze.

Get Plenty of Rest

Thinking that gaining muscle when you work out is a common misconception. When you train you do tear the muscles which gives them micro-trauma which in turn gives them the ability to grow from that point on. However, if you don’t have a high enough nutrient intake or get enough rest then you actually won’t grow at all. Instead, you’ll actually be working against yourself. If you want your muscles to heal and grow then you need to give them time to rest. Don’t train too hard or you’ll just be working backwards!

Set Goals

It’s easier to achieve something if you’re working toward something. Give yourself exact goals, like gaining a certain amount of muscle in a year, or increase the amount that you can bench press. Keep track of your progress to stay motivated. It also helps to measure your arms, chest, and waist so you can see even more of what you’re accomplishing. Keep up the good work!

If nothing else, at least starting a workout routine will have a positive effect on your life as a whole. Bodybuilding will not only make you stronger physically but it can have an effect on your mental strength too.

The stronger you are the more determined and confident you will be. You will also notice a huge increase in your health, which is an added bonus. Make decisions not excuses and become the best version of yourself!

Plus, chicks dig guys that take care of themselves.

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