Card games have been around for ages and for good reason! They’re fun, exciting, and have a great way of bringing friends and family together. Not to mention, there’s always a new one popping up that makes for a great excuse to throw a party!

Here’s a few new trendy games that have just recently hit the gaming scene and are sure to get you hooked. Not like poker hooked, but you get it.

Cards Against Humanity

As the name suggests, it’s a pretty wicked game with a bit of dark humor. Cards Against Humanity became a hit recently, known as the game full of dirty jokes about celebrities. Just complete the sentence or answer a question with the card that’s in your hand. Simple, but effective. If this game’s involved, it’s bound to be a good night!


This game is from the same people that created Cards Against Humanity, so you know what’s coming. The idea behind this one is you and the other players are all having an orgy and the main goal is to win the ultimate prize, a threesome! It sounds like great foreplay leading up to the real thing, after the game’s over.


The years of dirty jokes, original swears and new ways to say “f**k you” will pay off handsomely in this game. You only need to find the most improper answer to a question to gain points. Let’s see how deep your imagination can get!


We’ve all heard a couple of weird names for sexual positions, but how about inventing some new ones? This is exactly what Mobscenity is about! Just combine two cards for the crazy results. The combinations are countless and who knows, you might start a new trend as well.


Ok, it’s not all about dirty jokes, sex and swearing. Munchkin is actually a strategical game that has more than 6,000 expansions. If you want a real challenge, this is the game for you.


If you’re not the sensitive type and see joy in other people’s misery, then this might be the game for you! The main goal is to torture your character as much as you can, before it dies. It’s certainly a game for adults and a great way to relieve stress.


Werewolf is a classic game with plenty of fans around the globe. It’s built on deception and the more people play it, the more interesting it gets. You now receive a special Werewolf deck with cool illustrations that make it even better.

Deck Around

And let’s finish with another game that’s about dirty language. In Deck Around, you need to think of plausible urban expressions and convince your friends they are real. This game’s a blast when you’re drinking!

When you just don’t feel like going out, call up your buddies and some girls and have a good ol’ fashioned (dirty) game night!

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