While camouflage is meant to hide its wearer from being seen there isn’t much that would keep a 295ft superyacht hidden from site, even if the exterior is decked out in what would appear to be some kind of high-tech camo.

This new extravagant Moonstone superyacht concept from Oceanco and Van Geest Design is way too cool to be in hiding anyway. Even the hull shines like a diamond in the sun when it catches light reflection from the water.

The best part about this badass boat is when the sun sets an array of solar-powered LED’s come to life in the form of an unforgettable light show. If you have an iPhone there is even an app that allows you to control the show!

The app itself has seemingly endless possibilities. One of its capabilities uses the phone’s camera to capture a breathtaking sunset and then places those same colors on the side of the ship, which actually acts as a type of camouflage. Ah now the camo part makes sense!

The yacht has a PYC classification which means it’s allowed to carry more than 12 guests. Onboard amenities for you and your guests include a gym, spa, swimming pool and jacuzzi, movie theater, and helicopter pad. There is even a full-floor suite for the owner if you want your own personal space. No wonder the price is nearly $200 million.

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the Caribbean, then you will want to get your deposit in ASAP. It will be a while before you can add this to your toy collection since it takes three years for a vessel like this to be built.

Just think, you can start paying it off now and in the meantime dream of tropical paradise and all the beautiful women you’ll be surrounded by.

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