So you finally worked up the nerve to talk to that knockout at the gym. Now what? Typically a first date consists of dinner and drinks so you can get to know one another without the awkward tension.

However, seeing as how you both obviously have the same love for staying fit how do you indulge in adult beverages without derailing all your hard work?

Granted a few drinks won’t kill you but some of these super-hot fitness girls don’t take their calorie intake lightly and you don’t want to take the chance of upsetting her. No worries, bro, we got you covered!

Here are a few drink options that would be acceptable to order for your fit chick, and yourself:

Fresh Fruit Cocktail

Ok, so maybe this one doesn’t sound particularly “manly,” but just hear us out. Any drink made with fresh ingredients is going to be absent of artificial flavors and syrups that will leave you bed ridden with a splitting headache the morning after. You don’t necessarily have to order yourself a fruity concoction with an umbrella and cherry on top, but something muddled on the rocks with a few sprigs of mint isn’t too bad. She on the other hand may go for the fruitier drinks, but the bonus is at least you get to try hers, right?

Vodka Shots

This should be pretty obvious. If you want to skip mixers altogether then this is the ultimate calorie saver. You can knock back a couple shots without worrying about artificial ingredients but still loosen up and enjoy the effects. Just make sure you at least have an appetizer before you start shooting liquor. Unless of course you both plan on taking it back to her place before the main course. If that’s the case then bottoms up!


The great thing about wine is you always know what you’re getting. We can’t guarantee the same will go for your date, though… With wine, there are no extra sugars or additives. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting a strong pour all night and having to carry your date home, or getting too weak of a pour, which leads to higher consumption of unnecessary mixers. Wine on a first date is always a nice mellow option to sit back and enjoy good conversation, and maybe decide you both want to take it to the next level. Duh.

Vodka Soda with a splash of Grapefruit and Lime

If straight vodka shots seem a little too intense and you want something refreshing to sip while you chat, then you can always add a splash of grapefruit to your vodka soda. The soda water will help balance hydration, which helps keep hangovers at bay, and the grapefruit and lime will add a bit of zest which is perfect for summer. A splash of grapefruit is a much better option than cranberry, and not just because the cranberry juice at bars tends to be a sugar haven, but because you don’t need to be seen walking around with a pink drink. Just because you’re with a girl doesn’t mean you want to drink like one.


A gimlet made with gin and fresh lime juice is another refreshing beverage which is great for summertime, or when you’re just in the mood for something not loaded with artificial ingredients and syrups. The good news about this drink is that you can order hers straight up in a martini so she can feel super classy, and you can have yours on the rocks like the true gentleman you are!

Tequila on the rocks with Lime

Legend has it that this liquid gets most people in trouble. Warning: Tequila shots may result in partial, or in some cases full nudity. Not that there’s a problem with that, but you should probably wait until after the bar for those crazy antics. We’re not talking about shooting tequila though. Pick out some nice tequila and have it poured over ice and garnished with a lime. Sip it slowly and enjoy the buzz while knowing you aren’t going to have to work extra hard in the gym the next morning.

Now that you have the key to safely drinking without sacrificing your morning gym sesh the only thing left is to decide what to order.

Maybe your hot date will be so impressed with your wise cocktail choices that she will invite you home to show you what she learned in yoga class. Winning!

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