The thought of grilling season probably summons visions of things like burgers, brats, and ribs am I right? It’s the time of year where a man can really show what he’s got when it comes to his grilling abilities. Perfect weather, delicious food, and a never ending amount of beer are the only things you need to have an amazing summer.

Ahh yes now we’re talking!

Fortunately, the beer and babes is the easy part, but whatever you THOUGHT you knew about grilling is probably wrong. While the good ol’ fashioned ways of traditional BBQ can never go wrong, there are so many more grill-worthy items that don’t get enough credit.

Here’s a few food items you’ve probably never thought could be grilled. Get ready to have your blind blown!


Nothing can beat a mouthwatering steak or a juicy burger, right? Before you answer, give bison a try! Bison burgers, ribeyes, and filets can be just as tender and juicy as beef. Plus as an added bonus it’s much lower in calories and cholesterol, but high in protein. Looks like you don’t have to feel bad about having that extra beer while you grill up some delicious bison burgers.


Just when you thought that doughnuts couldn’t get any better! A doughnut on its own is pretty tasty, but if you cut it in half and toast it cut side down, you’ll be in for a real treat. The act of lightly toasting brings out all the flavors of the doughnut itself that is often overpowered by all the frosting and fancy toppings. Just be careful not to burn the frosting!


Yes, we’re being serious. Grilled grapes are actually pretty delicious whether they are on their own or paired with a BBQ dish like pork tenderloin or even a dessert like vanilla ice cream with cinnamon. The goal is to toss them on the grill just long enough to wrinkle and soften, but not long enough to have a flaming grape problem.

Caesar Salad

The least exciting portion of any meal is the salad. Salads are merely used as an appetizer to help you from over-eating the stuff that actually tastes good. Well what if we told you that it’s possible to add enough pizzazz to a salad to make it a dish your taste buds desire? After some charring of the lettuce add a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper. It sounds simple enough, but go ahead and try it and thank us later.

Skewered Mozzarella-Bagna Cauda

This works well as a stand-alone dish or paired with something like that Caesar we just mentioned. Take some fresh mozzarella, a crispy baguette, and Bagna Cauda (which is finely chopped garlic, anchovies, and lemon juice.) Throw it all on the grill for an explosion of flavor.

Banana Smores

The ingredients alone are probably tempting enough to where we don’t need to convince you to add this to your grill routine. Grab some tin foil and add sliced bananas, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal crushed up and sprinkled over chocolate, and top with marshmallows. Say hello to your newest addiction!

Watermelon Salad

Sliced watermelon is traditionally seen at most BBQ’s as a refreshing treat, but this grilled salad places watermelon in the appetizer category. Slightly charred watermelon is perfectly complemented by baby arugula, goat cheese, and balsamic dressing. Serve this salad early on and your guests will be excited to see what’s in store for the main course.

Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich is nothing new, but how many grilled cheeses can you say you’ve had right off an actual grill? Our guess is not many. It’s time to grow up and have a man’s grilled cheese rather than the shit you used to make in a pan when you were broke in college in your studio apartment.

Grilled Clams Casino

Here’s a way to add a bit of class to the party. Little neck clams basted and boiled in butter is to die for, but wrap these little delicacies in some bacon and top with bread crumbs, garlic and oil, and throw in all the appropriate seasonings before tossing it on the grill. The end result is you experiencing your first mouthgasm. Yes, that’s a thing.


A homemade pizza is good, but a pizza from the grill is the best damn pizza you have ever had. Since most grills will run hotter than the average oven you are left with a gooey, cheesy masterpiece straight from heaven. Seriously, it’s food porn at its finest.

Party Nuts

Everyone loves nuts! Of course we mean bar nuts, like the kind that are seasoned and offered complementary with drinks. What did you think we meant? It turns out that the grill is the perfect location to make your own variation of these deliciously seasoned snacks. You can create your own medley of spices such as garlic, cinnamon, soy sauce, chile powder, and butter. Toss all ingredients into a baking pan and in the end your nuts will be the talk of the town. Yes, we’re still talking about food.

You can either take our word for it or you can choose to bring these flavors to your next BBQ. Keep grilling the same burgers year after year or become king of the grill where all of your followers bow down to worship your greatness and flavor expertise.

Either way, crack an ice cold beer and get to grilling!

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