Celebrities typically live a fast paced, busy life which includes working hard to bring us top notch entertainment. As if they didn’t already have enough on their plates, many of them also pursue other ventures such as clothing lines, designer perfumes or colognes, and even restaurants. In fact, some restaurants are even more popular than the celebrity owners themselves.

Here are 12 celebrity owned establishments that have added a touch of fame to the culinary world:

Robert De Niro – Tribeca Grill

Born and raised in NYC, Oscar Winner Robert De Niro decided to open a restaurant right in his hometown. This trendy spot is just one of many of his endeavors and offers new American food and an exceptional wine list.

Francis Ford Coppola – Café Zoetrope

Director Francis Ford Coppola’s European-style café is adorned with Coppola film memorabilia and is even named after his film company. Based out of San Francisco, Café Zoetrope’s menu features classic Italian items, like pizza and pasta, all of which pair well with the Coppola family wines.

Jay Z – 40/40 Club

Located in New York, this establishment is exactly what you would expect from Jay Z; a sports bar/ night club. The bar is decked out with champagne bottles, while gold baseball bats line the walls. If you’re curious to find out what an A-Rod Steal or a Brooklyn Night is then this is the place to be.

Arnold Palmer – Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant

He’s already been the inspiration for a popular drink’s name, so why not own an entire restaurant? Focusing on his golf legacy, each room is named after a different golf tournament and celebrates important parts of his life. The meatloaf and mac and cheese are known to be superb.

Eva Longoria – Besos

This Latin inspired steakhouse is located right in Hollywood. The main restaurant offers a classy lounge atmosphere with sleek leather booths and an open kitchen. If you make your way upstairs, you will find yourself in a suave outdoor club with an elite clientele and a DJ spinning all night.

Chris Noth – The Cutting Room

This multi-faceted New York establishment is part bar, part restaurant, and even part theater. It only makes sense that Mr. Big from Sex & the City would go all out with his restaurant concept.

This place takes “dinner and a show” to the next level with headliners like Jason Mraz, Joan Rivers, Billy Joel, and many more. Other than great music, the menu at The Cutting Room is so diverse that no craving will be left unsatisfied.

Quentin Tarantino – Do Hwa

And here we thought Tarantino’s masterpieces just included Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Django Unchained. His creativity expands even further to his authentic Korean restaurant. Located in New York, this menu consists of Korean BBQ and hot pot dishes like soups and bibimbap.

Francis Ford Coppola – Rustic

Another one in the Coppola family, Rustic is located on the Coppola vineyard in California. This farm to table restaurant features international and Italian cuisine with a heavy focus on local and all natural ingredients. Need another reason to check it out? Wine, wine, and more wine!

Richard Gere – Bedford Post Inn

If you’re ever in upstate New York and looking for a good brunch place then check out The Barn at Bedford Post Inn which offers everything from pastries to avocado toast, to veggie burgers.

Looking for some upscale dining? Bedford Post Inn also has a fancier alternative called Campagna, which offers a classic Italian menu with scrumptious pastas and an exquisite dessert menu. Thanks for the options Richard!

Piper Perabo – Jack’s Wife Freda

This charming little eatery in New York is a blend of South African and Israeli cultures. The menu offers items like Greek salad and peri peri, but also has much more daring dishes like mustard seed crusted tofu with spaghetti squash. The welcoming atmosphere alone is enough to entice you to stay awhile.

Lady Gaga – Joanne Trattoria

Ok, so this isn’t technically owned by Lady Gaga, it’s actually her dad’s place. Also, her real last name is Germanatta, and it’s her family’s own recipes that make up a decent portion of the classic Italian menu. Joanne’s is also well known for its excellent service and cozy atmosphere.

Gloria Estefan – Larios on the Beach

With a heavy seafood presence, this Cuban restaurant offers menus for all times of day and night, including an extensive Latin dessert menu. Not only that, but this restaurant offers 12 different types of mojitos! They had us at mojitos.

So there you have it, a complete list of “fame meets food,” which may spark the desire to engage in some restaurant hopping in the near future. You may have heard of some of these spots but didn’t know they were celebrity owned. Now you know, and maybe you can even catch a glimpse of some of your favorite stars during your visit if you’re lucky.

Either way, it’s pretty exciting to have the luxury of dining with the A-list crowd, right?

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